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Photo of the Wellsville Mountains and Cutler Marsh in Cache Valley

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Photo of a provider listening to a refugee infant's heart


In collaboration with Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection (CRIC) and Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse (CAPSA), we are dedicated to providing free medical and dental care services to vulnerable or in-need community members in Cache Valley, Utah. 


Our commitment takes shape through a monthly medical clinic and by working with local medical and dental providers to coordinate access to medical and dental care on an ongoing basis. We often see refugees and immigrants from all around the world, including Burma, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Philippines, Thailand, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Haiti, Syria, Cote D'Ivoire, Ukraine, and various Latin America countries.


As a medical provider, you can make a meaningful impact by volunteering to staff our monthly clinic or by collaborating with us to accommodate in-need patients within your schedule. Dental providers interested in volunteering are invited to work with us to fit in-need patients into your schedule.


Beyond medical and dental professionals, we welcome the involvement of pre-health students, medical students, and community members fluent in a second language. Your unique skills and dedication can play a vital role in enhancing the care and support we provide to those who need it most here in Cache Valley.

If you are a patient who wishes to set up an appointment, please contact CRIC or CAPSA.

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