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Photo of a tropical storm

Disaster Relief

The iHelp Foundation is committed to swift and effective disaster relief. We understand the profound impact that emergencies can have on communities, and we strive is to provide support, care, and resources during such times.


We are building a dedicated team of medical professionals and community members who are trained to respond to local and international disasters. Whether you are seasoned healthcare provider or someone eager to learn, our disaster relief training program is your gateway to helping bring relief, support, and hope to communities struck by disaster.

Photo of a volunteer with a team of first responders in Guatemala


If you are a healthcare provider or first responder, consider joining our provider response network to receive specialized disaster training. Your expertise is invaluable in times of crisis, and we are here to ensure you're equipped to respond to disasters.

If you are interested in joining the iHelp provider response network, please contact Bill Betz.

Photo of a community member learning how to apply a splint

If you are not a healthcare provider or first responder but still want to be prepared to participate in disaster relief efforts, we invite you to enroll in our two-week disaster relief course. The course is designed to empower you with essential skills, such as CPR, wound care, splint application, how to serve effectively during disasters, and more.

The course includes online modules and two days of in person trainings that provide hands-on experience and practice. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate allowing you to be an official part of the iHelp Foundation Disaster Response Team.

If you are interested in enrolling in our disaster relief course, please contact Bill Betz.



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