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A Ugandan boy herding cattle down a road



In Uganda, infectious diseases, such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and various waterborne diseases, are common and exert a heavy toll on the healthcare system. Non-communicable diseases like diabetes and coronary artery disease are also on the rise. Malnutrition poses a major threat to health and is the leading risk factor for death and disability. The effects of malnutrition on healthcare costs, education, and employment trap families in vicious cycles of poverty.


Uganda has made significant progress in reducing maternal and child mortality. However, challenges related to the availability, accessibility, and affordability of essential health services contribute to 75% of Uganda’s preventable disease burden. Child sacrifice and trafficking also pose threats to health and well-being.


Through partnerships with local organizations, including Kyampsi Childcare Ministries, Mukuno General Hospital, and the Mpendo Packer Medical Center, we aim to create a lasting impact on health by helping meet immediate health needs and tackling the root causes of health disparities.


We collaborate with our partners by provide ongoing support and assistance, working hand-in-hand to develop and implement sustainable solutions. We also organize regular service trips to Uganda. During our service trips, we help extend the reach of our partners by focusing on education, increasing access to medical and dental services, and community empowerment.

A group of iHelp volunteers and Ugandan leaders standing on a road


  • May 26-June 10, 2023


    In our second service trip to Uganda, we led a 15-person team of volunteers to serve in the Jinja and Kampala districts. We partnered with the Mpendo Packer Medical Clinic, Kyampisi Childcare Ministries, and Mukuno Hospital. We worked alongside local health professionals and community leaders to provide medical care to over 1,000 individuals. We also helped facilitate various education activities, including teaching village health leaders basic lifesaving skills, teaching thyroid disorder and goiter procedures to local surgeons in the operating room, and implementing a health education curriculum on diabetes, hypertension, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and food safety.

  • Planned Trip Dates: September 20-October 6, 2022


    Uganda declared an Ebola disease outbreak three days before the iHelp Foundation team was scheduled to arrive. After careful discussion with our partners and team of volunteers, we decided to cancel the trip out of concern for the team’s safety. However, we were still able to collaborate with our partners to send over essential supplies and medications, offer consultations, and help local providers organize a weeklong medical clinic where over 400 patients were seen.

  • Trip Dates: February 18-March 5

    In our inaugural service trip to Uganda, we led a team of 26 volunteers to serve in the Jinja and Kampala districts. We partnered with the Mpendo Packer Medical Clinic and Kyampisi Childcare Ministries. We were able to help provide medical and dental care to thousands of individuals in villages, orphanages, and rehabilitation centers for trafficked children. We were also able to facilitate feminine hygiene education, teach procedures to local surgeons, provide safe water education, and spend time serving in schools.