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We originally began as a one-year global health medical internship geared towards medical school graduates who have not matched into a residency or internship.  This has grown to include students desiring to attend medical school as well who are in gap years or desiring to enhance their experience. 


We offer a master's in business administration- the Utah State Medical MBA, students will additionally receive diploma's in international medicine, disaster medicine in addition to the exceptional medical training specific to teach you the skills that will make you a better applicant and doctor.


Our goal is to set you apart from the other applicants and get you to match.  Furthermore, you will start your residency with procedural skills, ultrasound training, simulation practice, research experience, and medical Spanish competency to set you above and beyond your colleagues.  We believe that our approach will make you an amazing doctor and phenomenal applicant.



“Be the change you want to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi -



There were over 9,155 medical school graduates who do not match into residency this year. They have earned the right to be called a doctor and have a medical degree. These graduates are caught in limbo and are not allowed to progress or practice medicine until they enter and complete an internship or residency. The year while reapplying may be the most important year for their careers since applying the second time around has an acceptance rate of 50% (10x less than the first time around). This is a concept known as application decay, where every subsequent year after medical school, applicants are less desirable compared to their peers. You owe it to yourself, your career, and your future patients to make the most of this year.



We are here to help you do just that.  The Global Health Medical Internship will show you the light at the end of the tunnel and help you reach it through coursework, skills training, medical Spanish, international internships, simulation labs, research publication, financial planning, and application interview skills.








THE SCHOOL: To help train doctors in Global Health and International Medicine through clinical coursework and internships.


THE NON-PROFIT: To provide high-quality care and support to underserved communities by staffing and supporting our international hospitals and clinic partners.






  • International Medical Internships

  • The Utah State Medical Masters in Business Administration

  • Diploma in International Medicine

  • Proficiency in Medical Spanish

  • Mastery of Life-Saving Procedures

  • Ultrasound Training

  • Simulation Learning and Practice

  • Financial Planning and Education

  • Certifications in BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, ATLS, and AWLS

  • Research Project & Mentorship

  • Radiology & EKG Coursework

  • Careers & Sub-Specialties in Medicine

  • Global Health, Tropical Medicine, & Disaster Medicine Courses

  • Significant Pre-Hospital experiences - including ride-alongs and instructing Paramedics

  • Individualized Application and Interview Coaching

  • Flexible Schedule to Allow you to Make ALL of Your Interviews

  • Financial Aid Available


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