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Photo of Liberian community landscape


TRIP DATES: September 22 - October 4, 2024

On this trip, we will be working with our Liberian to provide medical, dental, and health education services in the Rivercess and Monrovia areas. We will also have opportunities to help at construction sites, train medical professionals, and serve in orphanages and schools. 

Both medical/dental and general volunteers are needed.

Photo of an iHelp clinic in Liberia


FEBRUARY 23 - MARCH 4, 2024



  • The iHelp Foundation team will hold an in-service meeting (either in person or via Zoom, depending on volunteers’ locations) prior to departure. The meeting will discuss cultural considerations to be aware of, the itinerary, volunteer roles and expectations, and more. You will receive more information about the in-service meeting once you have registered and paid your deposit.

  • The itinerary for our upcoming trip to Liberia is still in the process of being finalized. Please check back later for a sample itinerary. 

  • You will need to complete the trip registration form, which requires a scanned copy of your passport and a signed waiver/release of liability form. After you are registered, we will share instructions for completing a Liberian Visa. 

  • The iHelp Foundation does not access your final cost until after you return from the trip. However, a typical 14-day iHelp Foundation trip to Liberia costs volunteers roughly $3,000. The cost breakdown includes:

    • iHelp Foundation Operator Fee: $50                   

    • iHelp Foundation Contribution Fee: $400 (covers scrub tub, medications, supplies, transportation to/from airport and clinics, clinic lunches)

    • Airfare: $1700-2200 (typically close to $2,000)

    • Lodging: $600

    When you register for the trip, you agree to send a $1,000 deposit to the iHelp Foundation within two weeks and cover any flight cancellation fees should you request to withdraw from the trip.


    *Note the $3,000 cost estimate/breakdown excludes breakfast (about $5/day) and dinners (about $10/day), travell insurance or flight insurance, and background check expenses.

  • The iHelp Foundation will purchase your flight to Liberia unless you indicate that you would like to purchase your own flight in the registration form). This helps us ensure each individual or group arrives near the same time to allow travel together as a team. We actively watch flight prices and patterns well in advance to book the most cost-friendly flights.

    The iHelp Foundation will also book your hotel room to allow the team to stay together and make travel to and from clinics efficient and safe.

  • Please review the vaccinations recommended for travel to Liberia by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your local health department or primary care physician at least a month before departure to ensure you are up to date on your vaccinations.

  • The iHelp Foundation is committed to your safety. We take safety precautions seriously and work with our Liberian partners to prioritize safety.

    We encourage you to review the U.S. Department of State website for the latest information on travel concerns to Liberia. 


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