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Photo of a Liberian boy in a school



Liberia faces significant health concerns. The nation continues to grapple with high rates of infectious diseases, including malaria, HIV/AIDS, typhoid fever, cholera, onchocerciasis, and tuberculosis. Inadequate healthcare infrastructure and limited access to clean water and adequate sanitation exacerbate already poor health outcomes. Undernutrition among children and high maternal mortality rates pose serious threats to health.


Liberia is also one of the three countries impacted most by the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak. The aftermath of this outbreak has left a lasting impact on the country's healthcare, education, economic, and agricultural systems.  


The iHelp Foundation began to work in Liberia in 2023. We are currently working to identify and strengthen partnerships with local organizations and leaders in Liberia.


We plan to continue to complete regular service trips to Liberia that focus on health education, training local health providers, increasing access to health services, and community engagement as we work with our partners to develop effective and sustainable health initiatives.

Photo of a iHelp leader Bill Betz with a group of Liberian children


  • Trip Dates: November 2-12, 2023


    In this second exploratory trip to Liberia, the iHelp Foundation partnered with leaders in the Brewerville and Monrovia areas to provide dental care in villages and refugee camps and learn more about the needs of the community. We were able to see several hundred dental patients and make great connections to pave the way for future service trips and health initiatives.

  • Trip Dates: January 25-Febrarury 4, 2023


    In this first exploratory trip to Liberia, the iHelp Foundation partnered with leaders in the Rivercess and Monrovia areas to help staff mobile medical clinics and learn more about the needs of surrounding villages and refugee camps. The trip was a great success! We look forward to continuing to work with local leaders and form partnerships in Liberia for future service trips.


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