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In our program, we value research and feel that it provides a well-rounded curriculum for our students. The large amounts of integrated un-structured time give students the flexibility and capacity to do high-quality research.


We will give you the knowledge, tools, and help to be successful in your research endeavors — and mentor you throughout the process. Our goal is for students to publish original research and scholarly activities; however, much of our emphasis is not on laboratory bench research, but rather global health, process improvement, case studies, and human studies.


All students will apply for IRB approved research and carry out a full study that they design. The process is often more important than the results, and you will learn the intricacies of literature review, study design, methodology, survey development, data analysis, and scientific writing.


Research Projects and Scholarly Work:


  • Prospective Human Study Trial

  • Case Report

  • Process Improvement

  • Letter to the Editor

  • Literature Review Article

  • Retrospective Analysis

  • Opinion Piece

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