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  • $27K USU Medical MBA Tuition

  • $15K iHelp SOM Tuition 

  • $5K International Travel - included in costs of Medical MBA

  • $3k Books, Equipment, and Certifications

  • Total Costs Approx. 45K - All costs are inclusive to FAFSA Student loans


You have already gone through a lot of schooling, and we realize how important financial aid is. Once you graduate medical school, your student loans go into repayment.  That is why so many people end up getting a job in a research lab and stagnating when they don't match.  

We don't want that to happen to you.  Instead, we want to offer you a diverse year full of practical medicine, procedure training, global health, medical Spanish, and research.  We have joined forces with Utah State University for your Medical MBA and INMED for your international medicine. Both institutions are accredited with FAFSA.  Thus, you will be able to apply for federal financial aid and keep your current loans from going into repayment.  

Furthermore, we believe that financial planning is also important, although under-emphasized elsewhere. We are teaching a longitudinal course on the business of medicine that helps you understand how to become financially secure in your own future practices as well as your individual lives.

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