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Guatemala 2022

Mission to provide medical assistance to underserviced populations in Guatemala.

May 15th – May 28th, 2022

Thank you to ALL who participated in our inaugural Guatemala mission.

During our inaugural Guatemala mission in May of 2022 we were able to work with the Village of Hope Guatemala (VOH) nonprofit group in San Lucas, Guatemala.

During our two weeks there, we worked hand in hand with VOH to bring medical and vision care to over 1,500 patients in the San Lucas and La Bolivia area.


“I write home a few times during our missions to share with family and friends, this is my last note before I travel home: This week has a little different approach than last week. We are joined by medical students from Texas and have an opportunity to teach as well as provide treatment. We traveled Monday and Tuesday to the villages of Santa Maria De Jesus and Santa Lucia Melos’s Altas high in the mountains. Such beauty encircles us. Guatemala is so green, lush and is a country full of majestic vegetation. The people are so gracious, kind, full of laughter and yet they live a life of significant opposition. I was asked why I don’t write more about the desperation, the insurmountable illnesses and the distress we have encountered, it’s a fair question. Best answer I can give is because of their generosity, their hospitality, tenacity, and perseverance is extraordinary. These virtues eclipse all despair encountered. “Love becomes greater and nobler in calamity”. 

I believe what makes my time here in Guatemala so amazing and special also has to do with the people I have been working with. Can I just say STELLAR! Their kindness, their compassion, their care for the needs of others is awe-inspiring. What’s difficult to express or describe in words is the love they exude. Their love is given unconditionally and is insurmountable, their gifts of the Spirit flow out and are inviting like a field of lavender. They personify healing, purity of heart, faithfulness, grace and peace.”

Lisa O.

A special thank you to our In-Country Partners and Medical Supply partners:


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